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Mould spreading rapidly in newly-purchased house


A YOUNG MAN who bought a new house in Khon Kaen province for 2.6 million baht around a year ago has over the past two months seen mould growing rapidly both on interior and exterior walls, said today (Aug. 6).

Mr. Chinawat Hansri, 37, took reporters to see the condition of his house purchased from a developer at Ban Pet subdistrict, Mueang district, and they saw mould spreading in the bedroom, living room and prayer room causing the wallpaper to peel and the plaster crack and fall off.

Outside the mould is growing in a long line and extending further around the house.

Chinawat related that over the past two months the paint and plaster started peeling and falling off constantly. He informed the developer but he was indifferent and procrastinated on coming to have a look and making repairs.

He did not know what to do so wrote about the problem besetting his house on a Khon Kaen complaint page as a lesson for other homebuyers to check carefully before parting with their money.

The damage first started outside the house then spread within and this could be because the interior is wallpapered.

The developer only showed up once to make repairs and after that refused to take any further action. Moreover it is not just his house that has been hit this way with mould also spreading in another house in the same development.

Chinawat urged the developer to take care of him just as he did before he purchased this house when his team constantly called him.


The newly-purchased mould-riddled house. Photos:

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