Thailand tipped to produce 32 million tonnes of rice


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THAILAND IS FORECAST to produce some 32 million tonnes of rice in 2023/2024 season, according to the Office of Agricultural Economics.

The estimated 32 million tonnes of rice include 25.5 million tonnes of single-harvest crops in varied parts of the country and 6.7 million tonnes of multiple-harvest crops, which are mostly produced in the central region.

That accounts for a 6% drop in total production volume from the previous season largely due to the regional El Nino phenomenon, said an official of the agricultural agency.

Thailand, currently the world’s third largest rice exporter, has exported some six million tonnes of rice so far this year, compared to Vietnam’s 6.2 million tonnes and India’s 14.8 million tonnes.

This year’s export volume of Thai rice has reportedly increased by 12%, compared to a 33% rise for Vietnamese rice, the official said.

Meanwhile, a total of 58,700 tonnes of premium-quality rice seedlings are being distributed by the Rice Department to farmers in all regions of the country to make the export-bound rice more competitive in the world market.
Top and Front Page: Paddy fields in Thailand. Photos: Thai Rath

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