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Youth gang threatens to attack woman doctor after friend dies

A BATTLE between two youth gangs in Samut Prakarn  province last evening (July 19) led to two of them being severely wounded and taken to separate hospitals but later when the patient at Vibharam Chaiprakarn Hospital died his enraged his friends threatened to attack the woman doctor accusing her of not doing her best to save his life, Sanook.com reported this morning (July 20, 2020).

After that when the around 20 friends of the dead man, Mr Ratchapong, or Kiew, 22, found out that his attacker, Mr Thonpon, or Jack, 21, who had also been wounded was being treated at Muang Samut Hospital they rode there and barged in armed with baseball bats, chairs and mops and started attacking their rivals.

Thonpon’s friends ran into the emergency room but Ratchapong’s friends followed them there and fought with their rivals for around half an hour, smashing everything around including doors and windows, after which they fled.

A nurse at Muang Samut Hospital said no one dared to go into the emergency room while the fight was going on because they were outnumbered even though there were two patients in the room at that time. However as Thonpon, who was wounded on his head, chest and left arm, had already to been treated and moved to a room upstairs, they stopped the lift to deter his rivals from following and attacking him there.

The fight between the two youth gangs started early yesterday evening with Mr Hack of Mahawong group calling Ratchapong and his other friends to help him after getting into a fight with Thonpon, or Jack, of Soi Rong Lek Group.

The two sides tried to settle the quarrel verbally but it got out of hand and Ratchapong was stabbed with a sharp object through his left collar bone.

Upon arrival at Vibharam Chaiprakarn Hospital on a motorcycle, the woman doctor and nurse quickly found out that his heart had already stopped beating so gave him cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but without success and later pronounced him dead.

His enraged friends barged in and verbally attacked the woman doctor and other staff in the emergency room for allegedly not being willing to help their friend before going out and riding off to the other hospital to fight the rival gang members.


Top: The woman doctor performing CPR on the patient. Thai headline says, “Friend got stabbed to death by enemy but intending to attack the doctor.”

Below: The fierce fight in the emergency room of Muang Samut Hospital. Thai headline says, “Fighting in the emergency room.”  Photos: Sanook.com

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