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Man dies after getting entangled in dangling cable 


A MAN WHO fractured his skull after falling off his motorcycle upon getting entangled in a dangling cable on Thursday evening died in hospital last night (Apr. 29) with his wife demanding that the communication company which strung up this cable take responsibility while police are checking whether charges could be filed, Matichon newspaper said today.

Pol. Col. Krittiphong Hongsung, a deputy inspector at Lamduan police station in Surin province, rushed to to the scene of the accident on Highway No. 2077 opposite Lamduan Hospital and found Mr. Boonkerd Promwat, 40, unconscious next to his motorcycle that had fallen sideways.

His skull was fractured and blood was coming out of his ears and a communication cable was wrapped around his neck and hands. He was rushed to Surin Hospital for treatment but succumbed to his injuries at 8 p.m. last night.

His wife, Ms. Pornthira Promwat, 42, said her husband had gone to buy groceries at a shop near Lamduan Hospital and while riding back home in the dark got entangled in the cable hanging down from an overhead line.

She added that her husband had a job driving vans and was the family’s breadwinner with his death seriously affecting their three children, two sons one 16 years old and the other 14, and a 10-year-old daughter. She demanded that the cable company take responsibility for his death.

Ms. Mudthita Duangnak, 30, a vendor opposite Lamduan Hospital, said it was very windy when the accident occurred and she was uncertain whether strong wind had ripped the cable or not but she too wanted the companies that installed these cables to ensure that they are safely secured.

Police said they are checking where this cable originated and which company it belonged to and will be calling the management to take responsibility for this fatality and also face legal action.

Hollywood megastar Russell Crowe highlighted this problem during his visit to Thailand last October by posting a photo of a mass of overhead cables with the caption “Bangkok dreaming…” 

The “Gladiator” star who was here for the filming of the movie “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” had also posted beautiful photos and videos of Thailand. These were shared on Twitter, @russellcrowe.


Top: A composite photo showing the motorcycle, left, and the dangling cable, right. The Thai headline says, “He is dead.”

Below: The cable that killed the motorbike rider.

Home Page: The road where the fatal accident took place. All photos: Matichon

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