MEA gives an explanation over Russell Crowe’s photo of cables 


HOLLYWOOD megastar Russell Crowe’s photo of a mass of overhead cables with the caption “Bangkok dreaming…” led to a storm of criticism in Thai social media and this in turn prompted Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) to explain that these were communication and not electric wires, said today (Oct. 16).

In Bangkok for the filming of the movie “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” the “Gladiator” star had also posted beautiful photos and videos of Thailand after arriving in Phuket in September and later flying to Bangkok for location shooting together with actor Zac Efron. These were shared on Twitter, @russellcrowe.

However it is the photo of a large bunch of overhead cables that drew the attention of Thai netizens with one of them saying that this is unique to Thailand and is something that stuns foreigners because they have never seen anything like this before.

Another one asked asked MEA “Are you embarrassed?”

Thai netizens also found out that the location of the photo was in the Pratunam area of the city.

Faced with the online criticism MEA later explained that these were communication not electric cables and that they will ask the unit responsible for this issue at the Office of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission to contact the operators to resolve the problem.


Top: Russell Crowe’s photo that stirred up Thai social media.

Home Page: One of the photos the superstar took in Phuket last month.

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