Russell Crowe in Bangkok, shares photos and videos on Twitter


HOLLYWOOD megastar Russell Crowe is currently in Bangkok for the filming of the movie “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” and last night posted several photos taken in the city on Twitter, said today (Oct. 15).

The “Gladiator” star arrived in Phuket in September and took photos of the island during Sept. 18- 23 which he also shared on Twitter, @russellcrowe. 

He later flew to Bangkok for location shooting together with actor Zac Efron.

In his messages on Twitter he said the following:

“Australia is set to allow international travel soon. Currently I’m working in Thailand. Shooting a movie. Getting on that first plane after 2 years was a very strange feeling.

“Strange but kind of wonderful. Since 1991 when work first started taking me around the world that was…

“The biggest gap between long haul flights I had experienced, by quite some margin. 

“Let me tell you about Thailand. A favorite destination for many, but not a place I had ever been, outside of 6 or so layovers in Bangkok airport.

“The Thai govt have this very cool thing in place…

“It’s called Sandbox Quarantine. If you are fully vaccinated you can fly to Phuket and move around the island freely. We had an obligation to the production I’m on to limit our movements but still managed to see the Big Buddha and a waterfall or two. The weather in Sept was wet ..

“But sooo warm. When the sun did come out it was beyond gorgeous. Thai people are so friendly, so welcoming and of course the food is just amazing. So, if you’ve been locked down, if you’re feeling that wanderlust stirring in you now that we have a date for open borders…

“Go and look at Phuket. I’m sure the rest of the country has amazing experiences to share too, but at this point I think Sandbox Quarantine for vaccinated travelers only applies to Phuket.”


Russell Crowe in Bangkok and the striking photos he took of both Bangkok and Phuket and shared on Twitter.

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