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Former top Thai actor commits suicide


A FORMER popular Thai actor shot himself dead at a house in Ayutthaya province this afternoon (Aug. 1) with personal problems or health issues likely having led to him taking his own life, Naewna newspaper and said.

At 12.30 p.m. today Pol.Lt. Col. Phakanindej Prakkoworakan, deputy chief for investigation at Phak Hai police station, was inform of Mr. Wirayut Ros-ocha, 59, committing suicide at a house in Ban Khae subdistrict and rushed there with a forensic pathologist from Phak Hai Hospital and Phutthaisawan Foundation rescuers.

At the house he found the former actor dead with a gunshot wound in his right temple and a 9mm pistol and a bullet casing dropped by his side.

His relatives immediately blocked reporters and photographers from taking any photographs and restricted their entry into the compound,

Wirayut usually lived in Ang Thong province but this morning drove to this house in Ayutthaya. His relatives said they heard two gunshots, with one hitting the floor and the other killing him.

His body was taken to Thammasat University Hospital for an autopsy and after this is completed will be released for funeral rites at a temple in Ang Thong province.

Born in 1963 he looked a lot like three successful actors, namely Likit Ekmongkol, Amphol Lumpoon and Worachet Nimsuwan, so later gave up his initial job as a salesman to pursue an acting career.

He enrolled in an acting course attended by other well-known actors such as Bin Bunluerit, Ekkapun Bunluerit, Prompong Nopparit and Thongchai McIntyre at Sorapong Chatree’s CSP Production Company.

He modelled for advertisements before getting roles in movies and television series and later starred in several of them.

He was married to actress Ampha Phoosit but they did not have any children and upon getting divorced left the entertainment industry.  He moved to Ang Thong province where he started a pottery business and later married a woman not involved in this industry and they had three children. 

He also got involved in local politics and was elected a provincial councillor for four terms.


Wirayut Ros-ocha and the house in Ayutthaya where he shot himself dead. Photos: Naewna

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