Double trouble: Quarantine facility gets badly flooded




A LOT of Thai netizens shared and commented on a TikTok video posted by a man who was quarantined for being at risk of contracting Covid-19 but the facility got badly flooded two days before he was to be released, Matichon newspaper said today (Oct. 15).

TikTok member wut_matrakorn posted the video clip (below) on his Facebook with a comment that he suffered double bad luck as not only was he at risk of catching Covid but the quarantine facility at Wat Sa Bap in Chanthaburi province also got so badly flooded he wondered whether he would be able to get any sleep while adding that, “This is the Thai style.”

This newspaper’s reporters checked the facts and found out that flooding of this quarantine facility which Metrakorn (surname withheld), 33, filmed took place on the night of October 12.

He told reporters that he had been quarantined on Oct. 1 but suddenly at around 1 a.m. Oct. 12 water from Khlong Narai canal flowed into the facility and the flooding rose to 40-50 centimetres. He stayed in the flooded facility for another two days until being released yesterday. 

He added that when he left the floodwater had dropped somewhat.

Meanwhile the Public Health Ministry said this morning there were 10,486 Covid cases and 94 deaths today (Oct. 15) taking the cumulative confirmed total from April to 1,733,327 and since the start of the pandemic 1,762,190, said.

Of this batch of cases 10,319 were among the general public while 167 fell sick in prisons and detention centres,

Today’s 94 fatalities raises the death toll to 18,123.

Another 10,711 patients were cured taking total recoveries since April to 1,609,035 while 107,606 are still undergoing treatment.


The flooded quarantine facility in Chanthaburi. Thai headline says, “Flooding at quarantine facility.” Photo: Matichon



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