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Communication cables burst into flames in Pattaya

SOME badly tangled communication cables suddenly caught fire in front of a convenience store in Pattaya this morning (Oct. 16) leading to disruption of services provided by various companies in the neighbourhood, Siam Rath newspaper reported.

Policemen at Pattaya city station rushed to the site of the cable fire at Hanuman bend on Pattaya 2 Road, Jomtien beach, at 10 a.m. after alerting Pattaya Disaster Mitigation Unit to send in fire engines and asking the Provincial Electricity Authority unit at this seaside city to cut power to this area.

The cables burnt fiercely in front of the convenience store and it took firemen 15 minutes to put it out.

While officials were initially unable to determine the cause of the fire, a detailed examination showed that the cables were of various communication companies. Officials have contacted them to quickly repair the network so that people in this neighborhood do not suffer lengthy disruptions.

Meanwhile ThePattayanews.com had reported that on September 20 this year an electric short circuit led to a bunch of electric and communication cables catching fire in NongPrue sub-district at around midnight the previous night.

Eyewitnesses said all-day rain showers triggered an electric spark which quickly spread to the cables that fortunately did not fall on the nearby buildings.


Communication cables ablaze in Pattaya this morning. Photo: Siam Rath





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