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8 Koh Samui resort bungalows destroyed in rain-triggered landslide


TORRENTIAL rain lashed Koh Samui last night triggering a landslide in the wee hours that destroyed eight bungalows at Merit Resort but fortunately there were no fatalities with some staff only slightly injured, Matichon newspaper said today (Nov. 13).

The tourist island’s administrators and related agencies today inspected the heavy damage at this resort, located at the foot of a steep hill in Maret district, and posted a notice declaring this a dangerous area with any use temporarily prohibited until a detailed official examination is completed.

Ms Lalita Rodkachen, the resort’s manager, said she heard a loud sound at 3 a.m. while sleeping in one of the bungalows and then at 3.30 a.m. the landside suddenly knocked down the eight bungalows. The staff staying in another bungalow managed to escape with minor injuries with there being no guests because of Covid-19 pandemic closure.

She added that there had never been this sort of a natural disaster ever since the resort opened 15 years ago. The likely cause was the construction of a road which led to water changing direction and gushing to the area around the resort and loosening the soil.

As this resort is insured for such disasters the insurance agents will take care of the repairs.


The eight bungalows at Merit Resort destroyed by a landslide triggered by torrential rain overnight. Photos: Matichon

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