Lively but orderly concert at Jomtien beach

THE second week Pattaya’s music festival kicked off last night (Nov. 12) with a large number of people flocking to the stage at Jomtien beach but tight control ensured orderliness amid bustling fun within the demarcated zones, Matichon newspaper said.

Tourists sat and waited from evening onwards for the concert by their favourite musicians and among the many lined up last night were Atom Chanakan, The Toys, Num Kala with Taitosmith ending the show.

Pattaya city administrators had closed the Jomtien beach road around the stage and arranged four different zones for concert-goers with chairs properly distanced. However after all of them filled up there were many people who had failed to get standing in queues and they later crowded the boundary line.

Participants had to show evidence of having received two Covid jabs or a negative result from an ATK test at a hospital at screening points where their temperature was taken.

Officers from Pattaya Police Station and Pattaya Tourist Police as well as volunteers were on hand to ensure security.

As for tomorrow, there will be two stages with one being at Jomtien beach and the other Koh Lan. The Jomtien beach stage will feature famous artistes such as Instinct, Paradox and Cocktail while rocking the crowd at Koh Lan will be Swagen, Kong Huayrai and Singto Numchok.


Scenes from the well-organised concert at Jomtien beach last night. Photos: Matichon

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