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Marriages ruined by video-game addiction

A woman is at her wits’ end after her husband took over her son’s birthday present and became addicted to gaming, ignoring his family and neglecting his job.

Video games are often successful because they have a way of luring you in and enticing you to keep coming back.

It may have something to do with the way we feel when we play them, and how easily we can become addicted to them.

Have you ever played games like Candy Crush, Tetris or Super Mario Kart? You just want to keep playing, levelling up and achieving that buzz. It’s why many parents are concerned about their children living in a constant state of hyper-arousal due to gaming.

“My 13-year-old son’s birthday was last month. I got him an Xbox that he’s been wanting for a very long time,” she wrote in her post to Reddit. “He was able to get it after I saved up for it myself since my husband used to call this stuff useless and we shouldn’t spend money on it.”

She said her husband at first enjoyed playing the Xbox with his son, but he has now completely taken over, meaning their son never gets a turn of it himself.

“He’s playing most of the time from 10pm till 6am then sleeps till 12pm,” she continued, adding he spends much of his spare time shopping for new games and borrowing from friends and family.

“He sits in the living room and starts yelling, cursing and pretends like he’s talking to the other players while he’s actually talking to the screen.

“He won’t sit at the table to eat and instead eats in front of the screen, he won’t sit with the kids and tells them he’s busy whenever they ask him to help with homework. I just sit on the couch feeling like I’m not even there while he yells and curses in front of the kids.”

The woman said she has tried to broach the topic with her husband, particularly after it began to affect his job, but he won’t listen.

“He’d call work to tell them he won’t come or get someone else to cover for him. Even offer them dinner or money but never really keep his promise,” she said.

The man moved into his kids’ room, so he could “focus” on his gaming, but that just meant he kept them awake at night.

“Last night my daughter came to me wanting to sleep with me saying she couldn’t sleep because her dad was in their room and yelling all night,” she continued.

“I was so mad at him especially after I told him to stop because the kids couldn’t sleep because of the noise. He kept saying ‘give me a few minutes’ till it was 1:30. I had enough at this point and I unplugged the Xbox and told him he was no longer allowed to do this in the kids’ room when the kids need to sleep so they could concentrate on school.”

He then blew up over his wife ruining his game and has labelled her “controlling” for how she handled it.


The first things people commented on was the man’s disregard for his son.

“This alone makes him [the a**hole],” commented one person in relation to the man taking over his son’s birthday present.

Another added, “he’s a major [a**hole] hogging a gift given to your son. You need to create boundaries for him. If he loses his job over this it will be like having another kid for you. Your husband needs to grow up, let your children sleep and stop playing the gaming system that your son should be playing.”

“So he stole his own son’s birthday present?” asked one shocked commenter who added, ”I don’t know why you let this go on for a whole month!”

Even fellow gamers called the man out on his BS, saying as parents it’s our responsibility to set a good example.

One wrote: “I am a gamer. My husband is a gamer. Know when we play? Quietly after the kids go to bed. I would sincerely get something and lock the Xbox up in it. Then, I’d have a sit-down with him and tell him you need him to be 100 per cent done with the Xbox, that it’s become an obsession that’s affecting all your lives.”

Some suggested the woman chat to the kids and get rid of the Xbox, but perhaps this suggestion would be a better idea: “Keep the Xbox, throw out the whole husband.”

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