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Protest starts after being moved to Pathumwan intersection

ANOTHER demonstration got underway at 5 p.m. today (Oct. 16) but the location was moved from Ratchaprasong to Pathumwan intersection, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

The protesters stood around beneath the skywalk at this intersection and gave the three-finger salute while calling on people on the skywalk to come down and join them.

Meanwhile police moved to impose additional traffic closures after having already shut some intersections in this inner city area earlier in the day to cope with protesters having switched their rally site.

Meanwhile Sanook.com reported a message posted together by the United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration and Free Youth group earlier in the day as follows:

“Urgent! Confirmed, changed to Pathumwan intersection! Together today at 17:00! Please help spread the news. And get ready

“Don’t start being hostile to the people!

“Accept the demands because you can never stop this movement!

“From # 16 October to Ratchaprasong to # 16 October to Pathumwan

“People’s Party “

Police had earlier shut down Ratchaprasong intersection and other nearby intersections, such as Pratunam, Chidlom and Chalermphao, to prepare to handle the announced second demonstration at Ratchaprasong intersection at 5 p.m. today.

They had also placed metal barriers at a bridge across San Saeb canal near Ratchaprasong intersection

In addition, about three companies of Provincial Police Region 1 officers were stationed at the foot of Chalermlok bridge at Pratunam intersection and entrances to various malls while also urging people to leave the area.


Demonstrators at Pathumwan intersection today. Photos: Thai Rath





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