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Thanathorn’s mum points to politics over revocation of land title deed

THE MOTHER of Progressive Movement Chairman Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, Mrs. Somphon Juangroongruangkit, today (Aprl. 1) clarified that she was not the first person to buy a large land plot in Ratchaburi province for which the Land Department has ordered the revocation of the title deed and blamed politics for the serious accusations against her and her family who have all been making a honest living, Matichon newspaper said.

She mentioned that the nor sor 3 gor title deed for this plot was issued in 1978. Later in 1990 she was advised by late Mr. Samak Sundaravej, a prominent politician and briefly the country’s prime minister, to buy it from Mitr Phol Company.

As this company’s chairman Mr. Kamol Vongkusolkit is a respected businessman she did not think it would be illegal. The title deed is held by both her and her two children, Mrs. Chanaphan and Mr. Thanathorn.

“I confirm that our family was not involved in getting a nor sor 3 gor title deed issued. When I bought the plot it was legally certified. It had already changed hands many times.

“I did not have the power or prestige to force or intimidate the authorities to issue the title deed. 

“The plot was owned by a big company and the go-between was a prominent politician. The documents were in order so we did not think there would be any legal problems,” she said.

Somphon added that she had previously told the Land Department that it was uncertain whether this land plot was part of a reserved forest to prevent any lawsuits being filed later. At that time the Land Department itself was uncertain of this plot’s status let alone ordinary citizens.

“I have held this plot for 30 years without any problem until my son entered politics, and he too is facing several serious cases.

“As for myself I have been hit with accusations of encroaching a forest, gobbling up a forest, and this is a serious big case.

“I confirm here that this plot was legally purchased in all respects, the documents are in order. But it so happened that one day the government found fault and wants to revoke the title, I don’t have a problem. But whether this is right or wrong has to be legally proven. If it is really a reserved forest I am willing to return it but don’t dare come and accuse my family of defrauding the country,” she added.


Top: Mrs Somphon Juangroongruangkit with her son Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit. Photo: Prachachat.net

Home Page: Mrs Somphon next to a map of the reserved forest in Ratchaburi province. Photo: Matichon

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