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Group says it has video clip of a Bangkok councillor sexually abusing teen girl


THE social welfare group Zendai (Thread) said this afternoon (July 12) they have a video clip of a Bangkok councillor sexually harassing a teenage girl at his condominium and will now submit a report to Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt to take action, Naewna newspaper said.

Speaking at the group’s centre in Phahonyothin Soi 11, Mr. Chris Potranan, the founder, along with volunteers Ms. Temsini Sopasomsawat and Mr. Donchanok Bunyothayanon, said they had received a complaint from four students, under 18 years of age or just 18, that the unnamed councillor belonging to a political party had molested one of them. A report has already been filed with Thung Mahamaek police station.

The four youngsters said they were introduced to this councillor by a female politician at an event.  They were then invited to go to a Sathorn area restaurant for a meal. After that the councillor invited them to drink alcohol at his office but it turned out to be a condominium.

One of the four students soon left after getting a phone call from home but the other three stayed on. Two of them drank alcohol and got intoxicated but the third student did not. 

The sober student saw that the situation was getting out of hand and tried to help her friends but one of them did get molested by the councillor.

Zendai said the students are now all scared but they have photo and video evidence from various places including a clip taken by one of the students.

Zendai also looked into another case where a nine-year-old girl’s real mother was accused of prostituting her and even made indecent video clips of her for sale to a underground group but has claimed she did so out of poverty. 

The mother told them that she had initially made video clips of herself and sold it to the underground group. However her daughter appeared in one of the clips and this group told her to make indecent videos of daughter too as it would increase her earnings. She then started doing so from when she was seven years old.

One video clip showing her daughter being sexually harassed by a man leaked out. She added that she and her daughter did not agree to circulating this clip but the man threatened to blackmail them so they did not dare report it to the police.

As the mother said she did not think she did anything wrong, Zendai group pointed out that the rights of children had to be strengthened.

Zendai also knows that someone had ordered the mother to make various indecent videos of her daughter for sale.


The Zendai group founder and volunteers speaking about the two cases they have taken up. Photos: Naewna

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