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Big business heiress slams sedan into wedding dress rental shop during curfew

THE heiress of a big Thai business slammed her Mercedes Benz sedan into a wedding dress rental shop in Sukhumvit Soi 71 in the midst of curfew 1 a.m. this morning (Sept. 25) and was found lying in pain next to her vehicle after the accident, Sanook.com said.

Upon receiving a report of this accident  Pol. Lt. Col. Pongsak Meksuwan, deputy head for investigation at Khlong Tan police station, quickly went to investigate together with Ruam Katanyu Foundation rescuers.

There they found the driver, Ms Nichamon (surname withheld), heiress of a well-known wholesale company, lying beside the sedan with her arm and head injured and she was quickly rushed to Camillian Hospital.

The front of the Bangkok-registered Mercedes Benz sedan including part of the engine was smashed with oil dripping down and both front wheels had come off. Airbags on both sides had opened up after the driver crashed into the metal shop shutter. 

The force of the crash smashed open the shutter and along with it broke the display window’s glass pane with some mannequins also toppling.

Ms. Atchara (surname withheld), the owner of the shop, said that she was about to go to bed when she heard the loud noise of the crash and quickly came down to inspect.

Upon seeing the damage to her shop and the injured woman lying next to her smashed sedan she quickly called the police.

Initially the damage was estimated to be around 200,000 baht.

Police will be questioning the injured driver and going through the surveillance camera clips before proceeding with the next legal steps.


The wrecked Mercedes sedan and damaged wedding rental shop. Photos: Sanook.com

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