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Young woman dies after dangling cable cuts her throat

A DAWN motorcycle ride to a market by a young woman with her boyfriend as the pillion passenger in Sikhio district of Nakhon Ratchasima province led to her death after a dangling electric cable entangled and deeply cut her throat with her boyfriend too getting injured after both fell off the bike, Thai Rath newspaper reported this afternoon (Dec. 16, 2020).

At 10.20 a.m. Mrs. Sanon Wannasut, 60, informed the Sikhio police station that her niece, Ms.  Praphatsorn, 20, had passed away in the hospital.

She related that her niece and her boyfriend Mr. Thanaphum Kerdchanthuek, 21, were heading for the market and only a short distance from the house, after being unable to  brake in time, got entangled in the cable hanging down causing her throat to be deeply slashed 

Lt. Col. Ekachai Rittima, an investigator at this station, went to the hospital where he saw the unfortunate young woman’s body lying on a bed. 

He questioned her boyfriend who was still being treated there and he said it was still dark when they rode out and he saw the slack cable at a very close range but  they failed stop in time.

Police said they had been informed that an overloaded truck had hit the cables a little earlier causing one of them to drop down. Further investigation is underway.


Top: Lots of dangerous and ugly cables running overhead at a junction. Photo: Thai Rath


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