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Cables left on road ensnare motorbike injuring 2 persons


AN ELDERLY man and his granddaughter got badly injured in Chonburi province last evening after their motorcycle got tangled in a large pile of communication cables haphazardly left on the road, Sanook.com reported this morning (August 3).

The accident was captured by a car camera of the vehicle coming in the opposite direction of Sai Phan Thong-Koh Loi Road in Phan Thong district.

When police and rescuers got  to the scene of the accident they found the motorcycle fallen in the underbrush with the rear wheel and the body badly entangled with a lot of cables.

Severely injured were Mr. Sanan, 72, who was driving the motorcycle and his 15-year-old granddaughter, Ms. Chanitha. Both had cuts all over their body with their heads badly swollen and both complained of severe headache. Sanan’s collar bone had also broken.

The elderly man’s daughter Ms. Patcharaporn, 45, and grandson Mr. Sorawit, 17, told police that he had gone to pick up his granddaughter from her workplace and on the way back had this accident.

They added that it is uncertain whether his condition would worsen or not with doctors at Phan Thong Hospital keeping a close eye on him.

They urged the authorities to come and responsibly take care of these cables while also having filed a police report for legal action to be taken against those involved


Top: The motorcycle ensnared with a lot of cables. Thai headline says, “it’s easy.” Photo: Sanook.com


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