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Woman arrested for selling ketamine powdered milk

ACTING on a tip-off Metropolitan Police Division 2 police arrested a young woman for selling the deadly ketamine powdered milk drug that led to around seven people dying in Bangkok over the past few days, Siam Rath newspaper reported this morning (Jan. 12).

The drug suppression unit police of this division were informed that a woman, given the fictitious name Ms. Noon, 23, was selling the drug at Chittaphawan community in Sai Mai district. 

An undercover policeman contacted her and came to her house where she was standing outside looking suspicious. He revealed himself and seized the three bags of ketamine powdered milk, known in Thai as “K nom phong”, she had kept in her pocket.

Noon told police that she had more of the drug in her bedroom and they were able to seize altogether six bags of the lethal power weighing 8.1 grams as evidence.

She later said that she had been selling this drug for sometime now, mostly to Facebook friends and teenagers as well as general customers in this district.

She had bought the drug from a male friend who lives at klong two of Lam Luk Ka district, Pathum Thani province, for 470 baht a gram and resold it at 600 baht. 

According to her this is a compound of ketamine and a sleeping pill called rosé,  which makes it more potent.

She has been charged with  possessing and distributing category two narcotic drug (ketamine).


Top: The drug dealer and ketamine powdered milk seized from her. Photos: Siam Rath


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