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Suspect found in cyberbullying of PM’s daughters

A SUSPECT in the cyberbullying of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s twin daughters, Ms Tanya and Ms Nittha, reported to Nang Loeng police station last evening but was released to again come as summoned on March 29, Sanook.com said today (March 25).

The suspect, Mr. Wutthichai (surname withheld), 40, told police he came to show his innocence and allowed preliminary inspection of his mobile phone.

Representing the Prime Minister’s daughters is Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Apiwat Khantong, an attorney at the law firm Amphon Na Takua Thung and Friends.

Meanwhile Gen Prayut said that the 40-year-old suspect in the posting of messages that threaten his daughters had been summoned and the next step is investigation and gathering evidence.

Gen. Prayut also said, “Is this something that should be done? Does the media think it should be done? The media didn’t talk to me (about this case). Only the public encouraged me.”


Prime Minister Prayut talking to reporters. Top photo: Sanook.com and Home Page photo: NNT


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