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Demonstrators flock to heavily guarded Ratchaprasong intersection

DESPITE tight security being mounted at Ratchaprasong intersection after the declaration of state of emergency early this morning (Oct. 15) demonstrators still flocked there in keeping with a call by their arrested leaders to do so at 4 p.m., Thai Rath newspaper reported.

At 3.06 p.m. one protester held up a white bow and asked to tie it on the arm of an officer, saying, “I won’t touch you first, please just stretch your arm, I have prepared lots of bows, there is nothing at all, no violence.”

The first officer did stretch his arm and said, “We will stand together on the day Thailand improves.”

At the same time, people standing all around at the sidewalks shouted, “Let go of our friends,” and gave the three-finger salute while also shouting for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down.

However some policemen did push demonstrators giving the three-finger salute out of the skywalk which has been closed.

Then a policeman warned the protesters that what they are doing goes against the emergency decree and is causing chaos. When he finished, the demonstrators booed him and walked onto the road raising their three-finger salute.


Ratchaprasong intersection at around 3 to 4 p.m. today. Photo: Thai Rath



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