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Street lights switched off at Ratchaprasong intersection

THE CONFRONTATION between the demonstrators and the security force at Ratchaprasong intersection turned quite tense this evening (Oct. 15) with the authorities having switched off street lights but the protesters succeeding in retaking the skywalk from which they had been earlier evicted, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

The demonstrators cried with joy when the skywalk was retaken while crowd control police units beefed up their numbers after totally securing all points at this intersection.

Meanwhile the human shield volunteer girls sang and danced to alleviate the tension.

With the street lights not yet switched back on and lighting coming from large electric hoardings, one of the leaders who was not arrested this morning,  Mr. Panupong Chadnok or Mike Rayong, told the crowd to continue fighting for democracy.

He added that even if he were to be arrested everyone one present there should help carry on their ideology.

Earlier at 6.10 p.m. when the street lights went off, came back on, and then went off again, the protesters urged the authorities to switch them on, pointing out that it is the people’s taxes that cover the cost. They then together turned on their mobile phone flashlights.

At around 5.30 p.m. Mr. Sombat Boonngam-Anong, or Bor Kor Lai Chud, showed up at the intersection to join the student demonstration.

He tied a white cloth as a symbol of red shirt people joining the new generation of students in their current battle.

Mike Rayong said in an earlier address to the huge crowd of demonstrators that he has come to realise the dreams and ideologies of all leaders, Sanook.com reported.

If today the authorities break up the rally they would definitely assemble again, he said, adding that today they had seized Ratchaprasong intersection where many people had died.

While urging the authorities to release their friends, Mike Rayong said he has heard soldiers have been stationed at Parliament building.

“This is the scent of the tyrant, there may be another coup. But if there is another coup they will definitely meet the people, because we will fight together, if our friends are in prison, and they don’t release our friends, we will also go to prison,” he said.

He added today the protesters were like cornered dogs and had to fight to death because there is no space left to back off. He also said that if at 6 p.m. they do not end their rally, the authorities will be moving in to break it up. However he pointed out that they would not quit because the more they retreat, the more strength they lose.


The demonstration that is now underway at Ratchaprasong intersection. Photos: Thai Rath



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