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Death of traffic policeman on expressway under thorough investigation


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

LAST NIGHT’S EVENT IN WHICH a traffic policeman was killed after he suddenly flew off his motorcycle on a Bangkok expressway, hit a power pole, fell into a swamp and drowned is being thoroughly investigated, police said today (Dec 22).

The traffic policeman, identified as Pol. Cpl. Paphawin Chankaeo, 31, was steering his motorcycle on the expressway toward Rama IX Road when his motorcycle suddenly veered off, throwing him out to hit a power pole and fall into Makkasan swamp down below and drown.

Divers spent a few hours in the dark swamp about 30 metres beneath the expressway until they retrieved the body of the traffic policeman which was taken to Police Hospital for autopsy.

Found on one side of the expressway were the deceased policeman’s motorcycle, his helmet and blood stain on the power pole.

Pictures in closed-circuit cameras along the expressway are being examined by the investigating police who are yet to determine exactly how the mishap occurred to kill Pol. Cpl. Paphawin and whether it may have involved any swerving automobile on the curved part of the expressway.

Pol. Cpl. Paphawin was known as a boyfriend of Wasukarn Prajong, personal secretary to Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat.


Top: The area of the expressway where the traffic policeman flew off his motorbike and drowned in the swamp below.

Home Page: Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat. Photos: Matichon


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