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Young man’s throat grazed by dangling cable


A YOUNG MAN who was riding home on a motorcycle with his wife after both got Covid jabs grazed his throat after getting entangled in a dangling cable which he did not see because he had a crash helmet with a visor on, TV Channel 7 said this evening (Oct. 24).

Mr. Chaiprawit Chanthima, 30, said last Thursday Oct. 21 as they were riding down a road in Wiang Phang Kham subdistrict, Mae Sai district of this northern province and were just 20 metres away from their house he suddenly felt a burning sensation on his throat as if something had hit him.

He stopped and quickly took off his helmet and saw in the mirror that there was a long abrasion across his throat and realised that he had got entangled in a thin cable dangling from an overhead line. 

He added that he did see the cable because his visor has a light filter on it and it was fortunate that he rode slowly or else the injury could have been fatal.

After that he filed a complaint with Mae Sai police and would like the cable network to pay compensation for the injury he suffered and quickly send repairmen to properly attach these cables to the overhead lines so that no one else gets injured.


Top: Chaiprawit shows the cable that injured him and the long abrasion on his throat. Photo: Chiang Mai News (www.chiangmainews.co.th )

Home Page: Lots of dangerous and ugly cables running overhead at a junction. Photo: Thai Rath

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