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Phuket police hunting for robber who made off with 200-300 baht weight gold


A BIG hunt is underway in Phuket for a sole robber who last night (Oct. 23) let himself into a shophouse through the ceiling and made off with as much as 200 to 300 baht weight gold ornaments after seriously stabbing the couple who put up a fight, Thai Rath newspaper said today.

Pol. Col. Teerawat Liamsuwan, head of Phuket Town police station, said the robber let himself into Taweechai Thong Shop by cutting open the ceiling above the second floor. He then went to the bedroom where the owner’s wife was asleep.

He forced her at knife point to go down and open the safe. However her husband was downstairs watching TV and fought the robber who then stabbed both of them and made off with a lot of gold from the safe by climbing back up the ceiling.

While it is not known exactly how much gold was taken, people close to the couple estimate that a large amount of necklaces, bracelets and rings weighing upto 200 to 300 baht weight had disappeared. 

This is worth millions of baht with the Gold Traders Association setting today’s selling price of one baht weight gold ornament at 28,800.00 baht and buying price 27,697.30 baht.

The selling price of an equal weight of gold bars was set at 28,300.00 baht and buying price at 28,200.00 baht.

CCTV camera at the shophouse captured a clip of the robber at 10.53 p.m. showing that he was wearing a black cap and balaclava, black long-sleeve shirt with a white stripe going down the centre, black pants, black sneakers with white stripes and was holding a 20-centimetre-long knife and a stout stick in his gloved hands.


Police inspecting the shophouse in Phuket Town robbed last night. Photos: Thai Rath


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