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Silpakorn varsity president gets flak for posting photos of air hostesses


THE PRESIDENT of Silpakorn University said he will be more careful in future after one of a few photos he took of air hostesses with an accompanying message drew strong criticism on social media today (Apr. 27), Matichon newspaper said.

Mr. Chaicharn Thavaravej, Silpakorn University’s president, admitted that he was the one who took the photo that he shared on his personal Facebook page which Asst. Prof. Dr. Thasnai Setthaseree, a lecturer at Chiang Mai University’s media arts and media design faculty, drew attention to, without naming him.

The message accompanying the photo says, “Went to Chiang Rai on government service by VietJet …. Returning tomorrow evening, a former minister xxx xxx sitting next to me asked:  ‘Professor what are you doing?’ I replied, ‘When I fly I often take photos of the flight attendants to give to youngsters something to drool about’.”

Thasnai pointed out that a president in the art world should uphold ethics and that if he likes taking photos he should not let these photos debase human values.

This spurred further criticism from netizens reprimanding this behaviour with some saying a university president behaving in this manner is a threat to students.

One netizen pointed out that he had posted photos of many other air hostesses of various airlines in the past.

However Chainan later explained his photos of air hostesses as they worked did not cause any damage and were not intended to be sexually harassing or malicious in anyway.

“This is a case of misunderstanding. But if society sees this to be bad I will be more careful. I personally thank those who criticised me, it’s like a teacher teaching a lesson on what to do next, will be more careful.”

It was reported that he had later deleted these photos.


Photos of air hostesses that Silpakorn University President Chaicharn Thavaravej took with the one attracting criticism today being first below.

Home Page: Silpakorn University President Chaicharn Thavaravej. All photos shared by Matichon

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