Daily Covid count still high at 9,692 as disturbing photos go viral


WITH Thailand still logging record-high coronavirus cases at 9,692 and 67 fatalities this morning (July 16) disturbing images of infected people camping out in Rama 2 road area next to piles of garbage as wastewater flowed beneath them is going viral on Thai social media, said.

The Public Health Ministry said early this morning that the cumulative confirmed total since the start of the pandemic has now risen to 381,907 and in the current wave that began in April 353,044.

The additional fatalities increased the death toll to 3,099,

Of the new batch of cases 9,077 were among the general public and 615 in prisons and detention centres while another 5,730 patients have recovered.

Meanwhile the images that are circulating widely in Thai social media today show infected people sleeping on mats under a large tent with overflowing garbage bins around them and the floor filled with sewage wastewater as they wait for a bed to undergo treatment.

The person who shared the images said this tent is next to a hospital in Rama 2 road area.

As the photos were rapidly shared online, lots of netizens commented that it is very depressing to see these conditions.


Covid-infected people waiting for treatment in unsanitary conditions. Photos:

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