Photos of minister and his party dining without social distance go viral

ATTRACTING a lot of criticism online today (June 4) are photos of Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul and his party having a meal at a big table on the verandah of a restaurant without leaving social distance even though it is his ministry that stressed the importance of social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19, reported this morning.

The photos were posted on the page of of Mor Maew Nam Lau Reuang who also made the following scathing comment:

“If you want others to do something you yourself have to always be a good role model. Almost half a year has passed since the Covid-19 crisis saw the number of people getting infected and dying rise steadily.

“Thailand only just managed to control this infection (we hope that this is in fact the truth) and is now among top five countries that have best managed this pandemic.

“Doctor wants to give more information to the people, the public sector, medical professionals and others who do good things without broadcasting it to the world who have cooperated very well and escaped death on their own.

“Everything looks good and peaceful so the government starts easing the lockdown while warning and threatening about the adverse consequences if people do not cooperate every day, many times a day.

“The idiom ‘don’t let the card drop’ means even though various establishments and activities are allowed to open normally, everyone still has to prevent the spread of this disease for example through social/physical distancing, wearing face masks and washing hands often

“The majority of the people have cooperated well even though they had to adjust and it is very troublesome, but they still cope so as to control this disease effectively.

“What is strange is why do the people in power not follow what they themselves came out to tell the public they had to do? Or does the virus have exceptions for ‘people who hold xxxx position, it will spare them … not hit them.’ But this unlikely the case because there is no research or news that ‘holding xxxx position upwards is a factor for protection against infection.”


Photos shared by Mor Maew Nam Lau Reuang. These images have now been deleted at source. Thai headline asks, “has the card dropped?” Photos published by


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