Chulabhorn Royal Academy cancels first Covid jabs due to lack of ‘core vaccines’


THE Chulabhorn Royal Academy today (June 3) apologised to the public on its Facebook page over having to halt the first shot of coronavirus vaccination to those who had registered for it because it has not been allocated anymore of the “core vaccines,” that is AstraZeneca and Sinovac, said.

In apologising to the public for stopping this service to those who had signed up for the jabs from June 14 onwards, the Royal Academy thanked volunteers and staff from various organisations for supporting its vaccination service throughout.

Those who are at high risk of contracting Covid-19 or have severe symptoms were advised to register for vaccination and treatment at the central vaccination units as soon as possible to halt the spread of infection.

Those who have difficulty in registering for vaccination at other places and still want to get vaccinated here,  the Royal Academy said it will do its best to find another quality vaccine to continue this service in keeping with the wishes of its President.

However, those who have received the first jab will be given the second one as scheduled.


A healthcare worker vaccinating a member of the public with text of Chulabhorn Royal Academy’s notice at right. Thai headline says, “Apologising to the public.” Photo:

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