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Sad! Thieves steal tank covers and monkeys jump to death

Songkhla: A sad incident that would surely distress all animal lovers occurred at the scenic Tang Kuan hill of this southern city with 15 thirsty monkeys drowning in water tanks they had jumped into but could not climb out again with the covers having been stolen by thieves, PostToday reported this afternoon (June 4, 2020).

Mayor of Songkhla Somsak Tantisaranee and veterinarian Kittikorn Chenphaiboon, a livestock official, went up the hill, which is a tourist attraction near Samila beach, to inspect the death of the 15 macaques and after determining that they were not able to climb out of the tanks after having jumped in to drink water, quickly brought their bodies out because of the bad smell..

The officials dug a hole near the forest on the hill and buried the monkeys there.

Mr Somsak said the monkeys were thirsty during a dry break between rainfalls and got the opportunity to jump into the tanks after thieve stole the covers that had neatly closed them.

He has now ordered thick reinforced concrete covers made so that neither the thieves could steal them nor monkeys jump in.

This troop of macaques living on Tang Kuan and Noi hills, with the latter being right opposite, total around 4,000 and are divided into five tribes. Local residents regularly feed them leaving the food at points fixed by the municipality.

According to Thailandtriptour.com, Tang Kuan hill is one of the best attractions in Songkhla that offers a view above this southern city.

The hill is near Samila beach and it is only a 10-minute drive to go up from there. Reaching the hill can be done through different locations around the hill. The most popular way as it is the easiest, is to take the cable car that costs 30 baht per person, this will take you all the way up top of the hill.

There is one warning that goes with the cable car, there are no windows and it is usually crowded as it is the most popular way to travel up the hill, for those who are claustrophobic this option is not ideal and is not recommended.

Other options are the many staircases that are located all around the bottom of the hill that will take you up to the top after losing some sweat. Although those who are hikers or are people who regularly exercise should have no problem going up these stairs.

There is also a slope cleared of trees for those who want to take a true hike to the top on the north side of the hill, with this located in ordinary and Google maps.


Some of the troop of macaques living on Tang Kuan hill and the water tanks whose covers were stolen leading to 15 of these monkeys drowning. Photos: PostToday

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