Movies being screened at cemetery to mark Chinese New Year

A BIG Chinese New Year celebration is taking place at a cemetery in Phichit province tonight (Feb. 1) with three movies being screened for the ghosts of 330 people buried there to enjoy, Naewna newspaper said.

The Phichit Samakkhi Foundation hired a team from Boon Cherd Film to put up a large screen and bring in a projector to run two Chinese and one Thai movie for the entertainment of the ghosts.

Movie show started at 6.30 p.m. after fireworks were set off to mark the Lunar New Year. Residents of this province were invited to join the show with the ghosts if they so wanted.

Mr. Anusit Limsiriwong, vice president of the Phichit Samakkhi Foundation, cemetery division, said this is the 57th year the foundation together with some Thais of Chinese origin have been screening movies in the middle of the night to entertain the ghosts at this cemetery which is located near the Mun Lek temple in Khlong Khachen sub-district, Mueang Phichit district.

This is in keeping with Chinese belief that on this day of Chinese New Year the gates of heaven and hell open to allow souls of those departed to return to earth and benefit from merit performed for them by their children and grandchildren.


The cemetery where three movies are being screened tonight for ghosts to watch. Photos: Naewna


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