Movies being screened at cemetery to mark Chinese New Year

A BIG Chinese New Year celebration is taking place at a cemetery in Phichit province tonight (Feb. 1) with three movies being screened for the ghosts of 330 people buried there to enjoy, Naewna newspaper said. The Phichit Samakkhi Foundation hired a team from Boon Cherd Film to put up a large screen and bring

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Local news

Move to end senators’ PM-picking power so far endorsed by 66,000 people

  By Thai Newsroom Reporters ABOUT 66,000 PEOPLE have so far endorsed a refreshed move to end the constitutional power of the unelected senators to pick a prime minister following the next general election. Former election commissioner Somchai Srisutthiyakorn who is currently spearheading the massive move in the name of a Campaign For Constitutional Amendment

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