Local news

Coups, dissolutions blamed for disruption to partisan growths

  By Thai Newsroom Reporters THAI POLITICAL PARTIES have never established much growth largely due to unpredictable, capricious disruptions by coups and dissolutions, commented chief opposition whip Suthin Khlangsang today (Feb.25). During today’s floor debate on the constitution’s organic law pertaining to political parties, Suthin remarked coups have been staged at the whims of the

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World news

Ukraine: Missile strikes on Kyiv have resumed as invasion enters 2nd day

By Sean Boynton, Global News, published by MSN New, and BBC THE PENTAGON has told US lawmakers Russian troops are about 30 kilometres outside Kyiv, according to sources. Ukraine’s military says intense fighting is underway this morning in the city of Sumy in the country’s northeast. An attack on southeastern border crossing has killed and

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