BTS Skytrain request for long-haired passengers to be careful goes viral


ATTRACTING lots of comments yesterday (June 20) was BTS Skytrain’s request for passengers with long hair to be careful of their ends flicking onto the face and mouth of co-passengers, said.

In its message posted on Facebook the Skytrain operator said, “To build a good society be considerate when travelling … be careful of hair ends (when the train is crowded with passengers).

“The administrator has received messages from many passengers on the BTS Skytrain page about people with long hair or hair tied in a ponytail whose ends accidently move back and forth and hit the face of other passengers.

“Please passengers with long hair be careful about the ends of your hair when turning left or right both when sitting or standing as it may hit the face or shoulder or get in the eyes or mouth.”

Comments on this issue quickly flooded in and among them were:

“First wash your hair.”

“Real life is not like a shampoo commercial.”

“And if it’s not dry yet, that’s the best.”

“Get hit on the face everyday…the ends of the hair… already know it’s beautiful.”

“Sometimes I don’t want to forgive and it would help if you wash your hair (the smell penetrates through the mask.”


The Skytrain’s image urging long-haired passengers to be careful.

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