BTS says opening windows to beat Covid-19 doesn’t work

THE operator of the vital BTS Skytrain network in Bangkok announced today (May 28) that it had tried leaving train windows open yesterday to further prevent the spread of  Covid-19 infection but found that it made the carriages hotter while the air circulation was already adequate because the two- to three-minute run between stations led to doors opening frequently, PostToday reported.

Bangkok Mass Transit System Plc’s corporate communication department said the company felt it was unnecessary to open the windows as it does lead to carriages becoming hotter and the air-conditioning system having to work harder.

Moreover it would be difficult for passengers to travel with the windows open as Thailand is now entering the rainy season.

The company said the opening of the windows for short distances yesterday was an attempt to resolve problems together with the Public Health Ministry and this is currently at a testing stage.

The company added that it has correctly followed the advice of the ministry and they have together searched for ways to take the very best care of the passengers, giving the utmost importance to safe travelling by strictly maintaining the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The measures BTS has implemented start from the point of ticket sale where passengers are screened and their temperature taken. Social distancing is enforced and passengers have to wear a face mask throughout the journey and not touch their face, while reducing conversation to the minimum. Passengers are told to wash their hands after a train ride with there also being alcohol sanitizer points on both sides of the station.

Trains are more frequently disinfected and cleaned with this including all common touch points.


BTS Skytrain which is the lifeline of millions of commuters in Bangkok. Photos: PostToday


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