Songkhla police hunt for Covid escapee

POLICE in southern Songkhla province are busy chasing a Covid-infected young man who escaped from a field hospital with the help of a friend and is still at large, said this afternoon (August 14).

The 24-year-old youth was being treated for this infection at the provincial field hospital which is located within the compound of  Songkhla Rajanagarindra Psychiatric Hospital.

He seized the opportunity of a commotion when relatives of another patient came to deliver a package, with his friend mingling with them to enter, and the two of them then dashed out and hopped on to a motorcycle and sped off.

Hospital staff, who only remember that it was a Yamaha Fino motorcycle but not the licence plate number nor the colour, quickly reported the escaped patient to Mueang Songkhla police station.

Police went to the youth’s house but did not find him there. They got his relatives to phone him but he did not answer.

The police quickly coordinated with other stations in nearby areas, including Hat Yai district, to help catch the escapee but so far have not been able to apprehend him.


Top: Entrance to Songkhla field hospital. The Thai headline says, “Covid patient escaped from field hospital.” Photo:

Home Page: A Covid screening station in Songkhla. Photo: INN News


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