Ugandan man, Thai wife face legal action for concealing Covid information

A NAKHON RATCHASIMA province district chief has filed a report for prosecution with the police against a Ugandan man and his Thai wife for concealing their exposure to coronavirus when they went to Soeng Sang Hospital for a test, said.

Mr. Sanit Sritawee, the Soeng Sang district chief, said today (May 3) that the Thai woman, 22, who is a native of this province, and her Ugandan husband, 32, came here from Bangkok and on April 29 contacted this hospital for a Covid test and went in for the procedure by confirming they were not in the high-risk group.

However hospital staff heavily interrogated them after which they confessed that two days earlier they had dined at the house of the Ugandan man’s brother in Bangkok and he later informed them that he had tested positive for the disease.

It was only after that that the couple were tested and found to be infected. Their action led to two hospital staff members being quarantined for 14 days and damaged its care system. This district currently has 10 coronavirus cases.

This is the first such case in this province and is an example for others to tell the truth if they are at risk of contracting coronavirus so that the correct procedure could be followed.

Police have filed charges of deliberating concealing the truth and giving false information under Communicable Diseases Act B.E. 2558 which entails maximum two years imprisonment and/or a fine of 40,000 baht as well as offenses under Section 137 of the Criminal Code.  Legal action will start after they have been cured.


Top: Soeng Sang district chief Sanit talking to the police about the Covid information concealment case. Thai headline says, “Penalty for hiding information is jail and fine.” Photo:

Home Page: An information sign. Photo: Barney Moss (CC BY 2.0)

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