New BTS rule stirs up social media storm

AN announcement by BTS Skytrain today (June 15) forbidding passengers from delivering goods across payment zones attracted a lot of attention on Thai social media with some netizens strongly criticising the move, said.

In its notice BTS said people have to be in the same payment zone in order to deliver goods and should tap in the in-out card to ensure that both parties are in the same area and not obstruct other passengers.

The management warned that passengers are being watched.

Within a few minutes of the post being published it was heavily criticised on Facebook and other social media platforms. Some pointed out that delivering goods across the two zones does not obstruct other passengers because this is usually done at points where no one is passing by. Others said that this sort of rule is small-minded and takes advantage of passengers.

However supporters said that it was BTS’ right to impose this rule and it was possibly linked to security. There are also passengers who after delivering goods across the zone travel back on the same card thus paying only one way. They also mentioned that obstructions may have occurred causing trouble for other passengers which necessitated this rule.


Top: BTS Skytrain running above Silom Road. Photo: Pietro Motta (CC BY 2.0)

Home Page: A BTS Skytrain running smoothly in the city. Photo: Heiko S(CC BY 2.0)


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