Public warned to not believe Covid fake news

  THE Thai government warned people not to believe nor share fake news that New Year’s festivities have been cancelled because of an outbreak of a new Covid-19 variant Deltacron (XBC), Naewna newspaper said this morning (Dec. 9). Mr. Karom Phonphonklang, deputy spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, said a fake post has been shared

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Oxford University Press has named ‘rizz’ as its word of the year

  By AP and published by CNA London –  Oxford University Press has named “rizz″ as its word of the year, highlighting the popularity of a term used by Generation Z to describe someone’s ability to attract or seduce another person. It topped “Swiftie” (an enthusiastic fan of Taylor Swift), “situationship” (an informal romantic or

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California police search shooter’s home seeking motive for Asian dance hall massacre 

  By Agencies – published by CNA and Denver Post Monterey Park, California – California police, seeking to learn the motive behind one of the state’s worst mass shootings, on Monday (Jan. 23) searched the home of the elderly gunman who killed 10 people in a Los Angeles area dance hall on Saturday before fatally

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