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Handsome Myanmar man wanted in murder of ex-ambassador has fled


A GOOD-LOOKING young Myanmar man who is wanted in the murder of a former ambassador to Denmark after his stabbed body was found a second-floor bathroom of his house in Vibhavadi Soi 20 yesterday morning (Oct.8) fled back home 24 hours after his death, TV Channel 7 said today.

Police discover the body of Mr. Vichit Chitvimarn, 63, in the bathroom stabbed in the chest three times and covered with some cardboard boxes. Two of five knives in the house were found to be stained with blood and taken for detailed forensic examination.

The unidentified handsome Myanmar man also withdrew money from the deceased’s account two to three times and while 20,000 baht is missing, it is estimated that he got more than that.

The suspect also took a large bag containing the deceased’s property with him.

He had just moved into the former ambassador’s house only living there during Sep. 25-27, 2023. Every evening would go out to run errands returning the same night including the night of the murder.

Surveillance camera clips showed the handsome youth leaving the former ambassador’s house at 3 a.m. and then went to two to three ATMs to withdraw money.

After that he went to Mo Chit bus terminal and travelled to Chiang Rai. He then passed through immigration and returned to Myanmar at 7 a.m. on Sep. 29, 2023.

Police are investigating the relationship between the former ambassador and this young man.

Relatives told police they had not been able to contact the victim since Sept. 27 and that he had only moved to this house from a condo in Phahonyothin area on Sept. 9, or approximately a month before his murder.


Pixelated image of the handsome young Myanmar man wanted in the murder of former ambassador Mr. Vichit Chitvimarn. Photo: TV Channel 7

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