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Teachers, students say teen shooter was not aggressive


A TEAM OF psychiatrists talked to the teachers and students at the school attended by the 14-year-old boy who went on a shooting spree at Siam Paragon mall killing two people and injuring five others on Tuesday (Oct. 3) and they all said he did not display any aggressive behaviour during this time but the term break started a week ago, TV Channel 7 said this evening (Oct. 5).

Dr. Wimonrat Wanpen, director of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Rajanagarindra Institute, said the Mental Health Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (MCATT) visited this school with the administrators telling them that they had expected consequences from the violence at the mall and sure enough their Facebook page was flooded with comments yesterday.

The teachers and students the team talked to already knew about the detained teenager’s mental illness but said he did not display any aggressiveness in school but as the shooting occurred a week after the holidays started they could not say what could have happened over the previous week.

They all found it hard to believe that such violence could have occurred.

Dr. Wimonrat said teachers and parents all raised a similar question, which is how to monitor and watch out for tendency towards violence among those they are close to.

In fact there are always early warning signs be it violence to oneself or others and it depends on what form it emerges and it could be through speech.

However she also pointed out that this school is no different than the others nor are schoolchildren at this age under stress because they do not yet have to take competitive exams.

Even so, there is not any one source of influence leading to violent behaviour as this usually from multiple sides including school environment, media, social media, games and family.

Those tending towards violence would have been under the sway of these influential factors for a long time for it to start affecting them.


Top: The teen shooter at the mall.

Front Page Police and ambulances outside Siam Paragon after the shooting at the mall on Tuesday (Oct. 3). Photos: Sanook.com

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