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Teenager charged with murder, parents don’t apply for bail


ALTHOUGH the 14-year-old boy who killed two persons and injured five others during a shooting spree at Siam Paragon mall was charged with premeditated murder and illegal possession of a firearm and ordered into juvenile detention by the Central Juvenile and Family Court yesterday (Oct. 4), it is noteworthy that his parents did not show up to apply for bail, Naewna newspaper said.

The court considered the facts and examined the documents and concluded that the accused did commit a blatant crime and was arrested under the law with police having acted lawfully.

While the investigation officers had requested that the teen boy be sent to Galya Rajanagarindra Institute for psychiatric treatment until he is fit to fight the case, the court mentioned that the investigators had not brought a psychiatrist to testify that he is mentally ill nor so determined during their enquiry.

The court added that as it has not yet been established that the suspect is mentally ill and also as his actions may pose a serious threat to others he is to be held at a juvenile detention centre where his mental condition will be evaluated.

While the court said application for temporary released by posting bail would be considered, neither of the teenager’s parents were at court to file this application thus he was immediately taken to the juvenile detention centre.


Top: A bouquet of flowers is offered in front of the Siam Paragon mall yesterday, Oct 4, 2023. The teenage boy who allegedly carried out the shooting used a mock handgun that had been modified to fire real bullets, said police. Photo: AP/Wason Wanichakorn and published by CNA

Front Page: Police patrol inside the Siam Paragon shopping mall before opening yesterday, Oct 4, 2023, a day after a shooting left two people dead. Photo: AFP/Lillian Suwanrumpha and published by CNA

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