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Policeman firing shots from his house captured after long siege


A SPECIAL Branch policeman who has been firing shots from his house since late yesterday morning (Mar. 14) was captured around noon today after a police team stormed in, Sanook.com said.

Only identified as Inspector Kan, the policeman is attached to the news development department and was immediately sent to the hospital as he got injured.

A TV Channel 3 news programme said after the police team surrounding the house in Soi Sai Mai 56, Bangkok, charged in at 12.13 p.m. first five to six shots were heard with this followed by another 10 shots, before they were able to capture him.

A policeman who is Inspector Kan’s close friend and worked with him in the same department said he messaged him saying “Is there anything I can do to help? Brought some rice for you.” He read the message but did not reply.

His friend revealed that Inspector Kan probably went berserk because of his relationship with a younger woman and not over his previous family from whom he had separated a long time ago.

He added that Inspector Kan is a good worker and talented and that is why he is certain it is not work problems that are bothering him.


Policemen surrounding the house of Inspector Kan where he was holed up and firing shots. Photos: Sanook.com

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