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Two injured as gunman opens fire on Phuket-Phatthalung minibus


A GUNMAN opened fire on a minibus running from Phuket to Phatthalung early this morning (Feb. 10) injuring two persons and is still holed up in the empty vehicle after everyone fled, Matichon newspaper said.

At 6.49 a.m. a call was made to 191, the police emergency centre, informing them that a shooting had occurred on the minibus as it was passing through Koh Kaew subdistrict, Mueang district.

Investigation shows that the shooting had occurred just a kilometre after the vehicle pulled out of Phuket Bus Terminal with 10 passengers on board. All of a sudden the unidentified 30-year-old gunman had fired at a man and a woman.

After the driver stopped the minibus everyone immediately ran out. Rescuers quickly took the two injured people to the hospital.

However the gunman remained in the vehicle while police closed Thep Kasattri Road within a kilometre distance as they talked to him to surrender.

The driver related that as he had seen in the rear view mirror the gunman who was seated in the middle of the minibus had got up and walked to the rear and fired at the two victims then returned to sit in the same seat.

The driver added that after parking the vehicle he made sure all the passengers including the two who were wounded got off the minibus before himself doing so.


The Phuket-Phatthalung minibus where a gunman fired at two fellow passengers this morning, Feb. 10, 2023. Photos: Matichon

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