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Gunman held after killing 4 people in Chanthaburi

A GUNMAN who shot dead four people over unpaid debts and poor quality goods in Chanthaburi province this afternoon (Jan. 30) has now been arrested by police, Matichon newspaper said.

The gunman,  Mr. Prasit Phuthongsuk, first shot dead a woman in front of Tamun market which is at the borderline of Pong Nam Ron and Soi Dao districts at 3 p.m.

He then shot dead a man at Khao Tham Sarika village in Pong Nam Ron district at 3.50 p.m. before returning to  Baan Khao Pool Thong in Soi Dao district and killing the third victim as Soi Dao police rushed in to stop the killings and collect evidence.

However at 5.30 p.m. the gunman managed to take a hostage at Nong Makha village, Thung Khanan sub-district, Soi Dao district.

When police finally arrested him they found a woman dead in his vehicle.

Reporters found out that the woman who was first killed owed the gunman some money but refused to repay it. The second victim was this woman’s son who had told her she need not clear the debt. 

The third victim had likewise borrowed money from the gunman and refused to repay it while the woman who was his last victim had sold him substandard goods.


Police arresting the gunman at his vehicle. Photos: Matichon


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