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Power pole catches fire and sets cables ablaze


AN ELECTRICITY pole in Bang Khun Thian district of Bangkok was ablaze after a short circuit with the flames spreading down the communication cables last evening, Sanook.com reported this morning (Oct. 14).

Pol. Col. Payap Somboon, head of Thien Thale police station, was alerted of the power pole at Soi Thian Thale 28, Thian Thale road, catching fire at 4.42 p.m. and quickly sent patrol officers and fire engines from Bang Khun Thian station to put it out.

When police teams and firemen got there they saw that the blaze from the electric pole had spread down communication cables and also set a motorcycle taxi stand tent that is not too far from this pole on fire. It took them 20 minutes to control the fire and then put it out.

Mr. Meesak (surname withheld), 52, a motorbike taxi man, said it was close to the evening rush hour and he was waiting for passengers at the tent when he saw the fire quickly spread down the cables where there are several sparrow nests that made them even more flammable.

A reporter saw that there are lots of sparrow nests on other cables in the area.


A composite image showing the power pole ablaze last evening. Photo: Sanook.com

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