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Move to clear dead cables in Bangkok with 50% useless


BANGKOK Governor Chadchart Sittiphan supervised the removal of dead cables at Thonglor road today (August 25) to speed up a project to tidy up communication lines running through 800 kilometres of the metropolis within two years, Naewna newspaper said. 

He was accompanied by Mrs. Pirongrong Ramsut, secretary-general National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, with this being the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission’s (NBTC) project.

“NBTC is the host and many agencies are cooperating including Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) ,the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), entrepreneurs, commissioners and MPs who have been pushing this project all along. It’s a good sign that NBTC has a project to tidy up messy communication lines with 50% being unused.

“At least if we remove dead cables it will make the city cleaner and tidier and reduce fire hazard.

“We have already set a goal of completing 800 km in two years,” Chadchart said.

Burying wires and cables underground is the next step because there are a lot of details in doing so, he said, adding that the cost must be kept as low as possible so as to not burden the people.

“Organising is the first step, I think it looks much better, it can be done quickly without a large budget,” he said.

Once these lines have been tidied up BMA will issue an announcement that operators have to either get a permit from NBTC or MEA to run these lines if not they will not be allowed to do so.

Pirongrong said NBTC was assigned by a cabinet resolution passed on November 23, 2021 to work out an integrated plan to organise communication cables run on power poles nationwide. Funds to do so are being drawn from Broadcasting Business Research and Development Fund, television and telecommunication businesses for public benefit.

The 800 km of the capital where useless cables are being cleared have been divided into urgent areas of economic importance, densely populated neighbourhoods plus areas not in urgent need.

So far dead cables have been removed from 10 routes totalling 25.4 km in urgent zone, eight routes totalling 54.22 km in non-urgent zone while communication poles are being installed in 169 routes totalling 306.46 km and the target set for this year is expected to be met.

Thonglor road comes under the urgent zone, with a distance of five km from Sukhumvit to Petchburi road, and dead cables here are being cleared in August and September for completion by October.


Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt overseeing the removal of dead cables on Thonglor road. Photos: Naewna

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