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Teen shooter fired 40 rounds at Siam Paragon


DETAILED investigation by the Police Forensic Science Office of Siam Paragon mall where a 14-year-old suspect went on a shooting spree last Tuesday (Oct. 3) showed that 40 rounds were fired from mezzanine to ground then second and third floor with most bullets fired at the latter two floors, Amarin TV said today (Oct. 6).

The shooting by the teenager who has been ordered into juvenile detention left two persons dead, both women one from China and the other Myanmar, and five others injured.

Investigation also showed that of the 40 bullets fired 11 hit the two women who died and those injured.

Bullet casings were found scattered around these four floors but mostly on the second and third floors.

Further investigation showed that the recovered bullet casings are of the same type as those found at his townhouse home in Thonburi area.

Meanwhile the army is investigating who among the members of the Territorial Defence Command shooting range had brought the teenager in for target practice, Naewna newspaper said today.

The probe was launched after images of the teen suspect target practising spread on social media.

It was then discovered that it was at this shooting range he had gone to practice. However this facility is only for members but they are allowed to bring others they approve of to use the service.

As the teenager is not a member a member would have brought him in.

However surveillance camera clips showed that the teenager had not gone there 10 days prior to the shooting at the mall.

All officers and staff at this shooting range are being questioned to gather information about the accused practising shooting at this facility.


Top: A glass plane shattered by a gunshot.

Below and Front Page: The teen suspect target practising at Territorial Defence Command shooting range. All photos: Thai Rath

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