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Laotian boatmen toss bagful of speed pills on Thai side and flee

A LAOTIAN boat quickly sped away after flinging a sackful of methamphetamine (speed) pills into the bushes near a pier at Mekong river in upper northeastern Mukdahan City which when seized yielded a total of 74,132 tablets of this drug, Naewna newspaper reported today (June 21, 2020).

An eagle-eyed local man who saw the whole event quickly alerted the authorities. Mukdahan City chief Pornchai Phudson and head of this city’s police Pol Col Kietiphoom Suwantri quickly went to inspect this spot and found the orange-colour fertilizer bag within which was a box wrapped in a black plastic bag and stamped with Y 88 1.

The sack was taken to the City Hall and the contents counted after which the case was transferred to the police, which are working hard on breaking this cross-border drug trafficking network with some Thais being among them.

Security sources said of late the drug runners in the neighbouring country have been continuously smuggling in drugs through this city’s Na Si Nuan district.


Top: Senior officials inspect the fertilizer bag. Photo: Naewna


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