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Heavy flooding in Korat as Noru sweeps through


AS WEAKENED Typhoon Noru roared through Thailand it brought torrential rain to Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) that has been continuing since yesterday (Sept. 28) with many roads now flooded and a red flag plus six yellow ones planted on both sides of Lam Takhong river as a warning of imminent overflow, Naewna newspaper this afternoon (Sept. 29).

At 1 p.m. today the Thai Meteorological Department announced that Noru, which had now turned into a depression,  was centred at Borabue district of Maha Sarakham province with maximum wind speeds of around 50 km/h near the centre.

This storm is moving in a westerly direction with a slight northern bend at the speed of around 10 km/h and is expected to weaken into a strong low pressure cell in the next phase.

In addition, a strong southwesterly monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, the South and the Gulf of Thailand resulting in heavy rainfall in many areas and very heavy rain in some places in the North, Northeast, Central region, including Bangkok and its vicinity, the East and the South, with strong winds in the Northeast and Central regions.

In Korat’s municipality zone the flood level on Ratchadamnoen road was 30-40 centimetres for a distance of 100 metres from the entrance of Suranaree Camp of the 2nd Army Region to the front of the Nakhon Ratchasima Governor’s Mansion. Small cars and motorcycles had difficulty passing this inundated stretch with 10 motorbikes breaking down in attempting to do so.

Officials were helping remove debris and weeds blocking the drainage of floodwater particularly at Chakrat intersection in Hua Thale subdistrict where flooding was 40 cm high on both inbound and outbound sides of the roads.

All alleys in this area were also inundated with floodwater reaching 30-40 cm and in some lower stretches even 50 cm. No vehicles could pass this zone and flat-bottom boats were being used with officials preparing to help hundreds of homeless residents.

Fifty soldiers were also filling thousands of sandbags to stack up along Lam Takhong river that is about to overflow its banks.


Noru triggers heavy rain and floods in Korat. Photos: Naewna

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